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Blasko In Love Part 1

Blasko: Album Is A Continuing Story

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With a voice that’s already clocked up more than three million Spotify plays, Blasko is really putting it down when he blesses the microphone. Being one of Australia’s smoothest artist, Blasko is working hard to continue his rise to stardom.

Blasko recently dropped a new album entitled, In Love Pt. 1. Blasko wanted this album to be a continuing story that pretty much takes the listener on a journey. The same journey that he experienced with a so called Lady Friend. The album gives off a RnB, electro,ambient type of vibe. Though there are only seven songs, each track is magnificently done and seems to be extremely heartfelt.

“All of the songs come from a real place in my life,” states Blasko. “But, I do think that there were some modifications, after a while, your brain starts to lie to you. So, you just have to adjust to a new truth, I guess.”

Blasko is currently working on some pretty awesome collaborations with some international guests and also on his way to creating Vol.2 Blasko in Love album. That is not only good news for him, but good news for us also.

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