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Bold City Brewery Reopens After Being Closed By Fire Marshall

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After a wild turn of events, Bold City Brewery was able to re-open its taproom after being shutdown by the fire marshal.

The city of Jacksonville down the taproom due to violation of the agreement with the original certificate of use which did not allow Bold City to operate the taproom at 2670 Rosselle Street. However, by Friday, it got the go-ahead to open again as long as it reduced the number of people it served and stopped having the yoga class.

According to brewery co-founder and co-owner Susan Miller, no plans or schematics were attached to the original certificate of use. This was not a requirement when the Millers applied for the certificate in 2008. Bold City has been serving its customers with beer that has included the Duke’s Brown Ale without a hitch. Bold City was one of the first craft breweries in the state to use the business model of distributing brewery with a tap room on site. However, the fire marshal took note of the yoga classes being offered every Thursday. The fire marshal did an inspection of the breweries permit and made the decision to have the beer taps shut down. The brewery was still operating, as was new tap room in downtown.

Luckily, things are being worked out and patrons can now reenter the taproom and receive some great beer.


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