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Brianna: Soft and Smooth R&B But With an Edge

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Every successful artists can remember where and when their musical journey truly began. It may have been the first time that they touched the mic. It could have been the first time that they entered the studio to create that first song. Regardless of when and where it happened, it was an important time to that artist. Pennsylvania native, Brianna, knows about the importance of beginnings. She’s knows it very well.

Brianna’s new album, Beginnings, is more than just the beginning of her career. It is also about her love of music. The album can be described as soft and smooth futuristic R&B with an edge.

“The project as a whole was inspired by many things, but mostly just my love for music,” says Brianna. “I’ve been singing since I was a baby, and it wasn’t until 2-3 years ago that I started to write and really use lyricism as an outlet to really express myself. That, along with a team of really great supporters, helped me with ‘Beginnings’.”

Like many artists, most of the songs on the album were inspired by some life experience. The track ‘Wait’ describes being in the friendzone with someone that you like because of personal obstacles. ‘Rendezvous’ is about being exposed to the NYC club scene. ‘Bedroom Eyes’ is all about the infatuation and sexual feelings towards someone and the track, ‘Safe’ is basically a love letter.

With the help of such super talented producers, such as JXHNSCXTT, IIFYNTE, Fasol Prod., Jacob Lethal Beats, and twelve fifty, Brianna delivers on each track and makes her album one that should get a lot of listens. We are looking for more great music from the very talented and beautiful Brianna.

“I’m just a small town girl with big town dreams who loves to drink wine and play video games” states Brianna.

She also likes to make great music. There is no argument from us on that note.

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