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Britt’s View: The Veil Is A Waste of Talent

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You know that Vibes and Vino is always looking for ways to expand. Today, we are launching a new part to Vibes and Vino. It is Britt’s View. In Britt’s View, movie critic, Brittany Bryant, will provide reviews of movies that are currently in the theatres, on Netflix, and other media. She will also review TV series.

Scrolling through Netflix, the first person that catches my eye is Jessica Alba starring in The Veil. With Lily Rabe and Thomas Jane also in the cast, the 1.5 Star Rating did not phase me at all and I immediately pressed play. An hour and a half later, I rated this movie 1 star. This movie sucked and is obviously low budget! The story line is almost a replica of the Jonestown Massacre but with a sadly haunting twist at the end.

Maggie, an inspired producer and filmmaker, (Jessica Alba) convinces Sarah Hope (Lily Rabe) to do a documentary about her experience with Heaven’s Veil which is a religious cult, led by Jim Jacobs (Thomas Jane), whom committed suicide 25 years ago. Sarah Hope, age 5 at the time, was the only survivor.

Sarah, Maggie and the camera crew visited the site where the tragedy occurred. They stumble upon videos of Heaven’s Veil that were never discovered before. The ghosts of Jim Jacobs and the members of Heaven’s Veil were released as everyone watched the terror in the videos. The ghosts began killing each member of the camera crew one by one like a typical horror movie. Once a member was killed, the ghost will take the member’s place and continue to live their lives in their bodies.

After a while, I realized that Sarah Hope was bring back Heaven’s Veil to life as planned. The best part reveals that Jim Jacobs’ plan, years ago, was not only to commit mass suicide, but also bring the members back to life. However, during the mass suicide, the police interrupted the ritual before Jim Jacobs could bring the members back to life.

The police officer who interrupted the ritual was Maggie’s father who had no idea of Jim Jacob’s intentions and and hat there was a way to bring the member’s back to life. It was also not Maggie’s fault that they were resurrected. However, she didn’t do much to stop them either. Everything else happened in typical horror movie fashion. So, the ghosts crucify Maggie on a tree which looks off since she appeared to be sitting on the tree and looked more drunk than dying.

As I mentioned, this movie was awful. But then again, it’s okay because its Jessica Alba. Acting is most likely considered as an hobby now that she owns a 2 billion dollar company and is making more money that way. I still love her though.

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