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Cameron London: The Life of a Giver

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There is a lot that you can say about Cameron London. He is a visionary. He is a storyteller. He is an emcee. This is all evident on his new album, The Life of a Giver. To Cameron, this album is more than one record.

“This album is the culmination of all the albums I’ve made to date,” says London. “The butterfly is symbolic of the changes that I have been through both artistically and internally. The album is the finale in a series of 9 albums separated into 3 trilogies. It serves as both 8 and 9 because it’s a double album.”

Rapping professionally for only 3 years, Cameron began rapping in high school due to a prank that resulted in him being signed up for a talent show to rap an original so with no prior knowledge. Regardless of how long he’s been rocking the mic, Cameron is always aware of what his music can mean to others.

“I feel that my role is to show a humanistic side,” says Cameron. “I want to show that it’s okay to feel things, that it’s okay to be affected by things in life. Also to provide people with the encouragement to chase the dreams they have. Plus, I always, always, try my best to represent my state in a positive light. From days where I created anthems for our sports teams in hopes they’d get play, to making walk out songs for my local school teams. I just always try to have that “down south hospitality” and genuine attitude that is prominent with people from NC.”

Make sure that you check out his album. As always, please support independent music.

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