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Georgos Wine Creates Perfect Blend For Simple Dish

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Good wine is always appreciated by those of us who love it. When we think of great wine, we often think of places such as Italy, Spain, and of course, France. However, there is another place that is known for good wine. Yet, it is often overlooked in many circles where wine is the discussion of the day. We are here to say loud and clear that Greek wine is quickly becoming some of the best wine of the modern period. Greece was once one of the top producers of wine. Yet, Greek wines are only now becoming extremely popular to the rest of the world.

Greek wine is still being produced in Greece and no one is doing it better than Georgos. The beauty of Georgos’ wine is that it is handcrafted, blended, finished, and bottled right here in the United States, in Sonoma Valley to be exact. As the brainchild of Georgos Zanganas, Georgos wine are rich in flavor and the aromas are splendid.

We were able to obtain two great wines from Georgos which we paired with two varietals of one our favorite dishes. We had the 2014 Ithaka Super Cabernet and the 2016 Santorini Sauvignon Blanc. We prepared a nice meal of Greek spiced Catfish and Grits to go with the Ithaka. The blackberries, currant, and plum flavors melded very well with the pepper in the spices of the fish. With the Santorini, we also had Grits but with Shrimp Scampi instead of fish. With an initial taste of lemon and lime mixed with an earthy and mineral after-taste, this wine was perfect with the creaminess of the grits and allowed the shrimp to strengthen the length of the wine.


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