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Fresh from her sold out European tour, singer/guitar heroine Malina Moye is sure to make tongues wag with her new video “K-Yotic.” The exciting new video premiered exclusively on, and it launches on Vevo as of today.

Malina is joined by two legends: Rock & Roll Hall of Famer William “Bootsy” Collins, who lends his distinctive visual style to the clip, and “K-Yotic” also boasts an appearance from drummer Frankie “Kash” Waddy. Both Bootsy & Kash were members of James Brown’s band before splitting off and joining Parliament/Funkadelic.

The “K-Yotic” video was created by indie film director and Spielberg protege Marc Fusco, who states, “I knew working with an amazing performer like Malina and the colorful Bootsy Collins, we could stretch the boundaries of reality with the K-yotic music video. So there’s a an Alice In Wonderland/Wizard of Oz vibe that adds a lot of fun and humor to the whole thing, yet it still remains sexy as hell.”

Malina Moye’s musical narrative boasts an impressive resume that includes making history as the first African-American woman to play “The Star-Spangled Banner” on guitar at a professional sporting event, all the way to performing at tribute concerts saluting legends Chuck Berry and Stevie Wonder. She’s performed as support to artists as varied as classic rock veterans Journey and current #1 hitmaker Robin Thicke. No stranger to the Billboard charts herself, Malina most recently was requested by Lord March and the Royals to play the British national anthem (God Save the Queen) on electric guitar on top of the palace roof at the Goodwood Estate for the Festival of Speed honoring the Queen’s 60 year reign.

Recently released as a digital single, “K-Yotic” is the first taste of Malina’s upcoming album, Rock ‘n Roll Baby, scheduled to be released in early 2014 via WCE Records, Distributed by BDG/ RED Distribution, LLC (a division of SONY Music Entertainment.)


  • James
    September 10, 2013 @12:58 pm Edit

    Malina was NOT on tour, you have to have an album to be on tour. Malina played for free at FREE FESTIVALS all over the world. Saw some of the You Tube videos before they were erased. Her work is “dated,” she played at jazz festivals, but performed Vanity 6’s “Nasty Girls,” and the late Teena Marie’s “Need your Lovin” and she was horrible, she can’t even sing! Why do you people give this tired woman press? Focus on REAL artists like Jennifer Batten and Bonnie Rait. Bootsy should be ashamed of himself being in this awful video.


    • bronsky
      September 10, 2013 @6:25 pm Edit

      Thanks for your reply. We received info and music from Malina’s camp and we felt it worthy of press. Your opinion is appreciated and we would love to hear some of your music. We agree that Bonnie Rait is extremely talented. Like wine, everyone’s taste in music is different. I hope that you allow others to have their taste, as you are able to have yours. Thanks.


    • Bill
      May 22, 2014 @2:58 am Edit

      James is clearly NOT in touch with what goes on in the Music World , just another uneducated jealous little twit wishing he could play an instrument and sing . James James James , First of all my little friend Sony doesn’t just sign on Artist that can’t play as incredibly as Malina Moye , and as far as her being on a European Tour , YOU BET SHE WAS LITTLE BUDDY , and got paid very well for each and every GREAT PERFORMANCE SHE DID OVER IN EUROPE DURING THE SUMMER OF 2013 . So before you go trashing Recording Artist Online like that know what your talking about little man , you obviously aren’t the Brightest Star in the sky are there tiger ,HaHa .


  • T. Petterson
    September 11, 2013 @5:51 pm Edit

    Attention Bronsky,
    Just to let you know Malina Moye does not have a staff of people working for her, if you were contacted by anyone connected to Malina it was her via Sara Winters, she uses this name to book herself but really it’s her alias. Malina, is a FRAUD who passes herself off as a Female Guitar Virtuoso. What James is saying about her is TRUE, the song K-YOTIC is not new AT ALL!! it was on her failed album in 2009 called Diamonds and Guitars. Malina claims in interviews that she was discovered by legendary rock artist “Dave Stewart” and later it has been proven that that was a lie, Dave doesn’t even know Malina at all. So my point is that i think bloggers and others should do their FULL research before featuring artist on their site. People can get away with so much now a days on the internet, that is why research is so important.



    • bronsky
      September 11, 2013 @10:42 pm Edit

      We have to take your word for it on the “Sara Winters” being her alias. You seem to be more familiar with that part of her life. We were aware that K-YOTIC was a previous release. However, it is not uncommon for artist to release songs again with additional artists included or changes to the song. You would be surprised how many artists do that. How familiar are you with HipHop? It’s done a lot. Thanks again for checking us out.


    • Bill
      May 22, 2014 @3:47 am Edit

      Hey T. Petterson , You again WOW I have been Following you . What a grudge you have against this Artist . Your name keeps popping up everywhere , Mmmmm whats up with that my little T Bird . You have been attacking this Artist Malina Moye and it has come to my attention and many others on why . Not cool at all , if you have a personal grudge or hatred towards them , don’t you think it will become obvious eventually to other viewers Online what your doing . Please give it a REST , I for one am very tired of seeing your name constantly coming up all over Verbally Attacking this very Talented Recording Artist , why you have not had a Harassment Charge on you is beyond me . I know what the story is with you but will not embarrass you by telling it Online , just Grow up and move on , you will find Love again .


  • Sammie
    September 11, 2013 @9:09 pm Edit (D&G CD was originally titled Portrait of a Lady, 2004 with the song “Alone” that NEVER charted on Billboard, it was 93 for 6 weeks or something. Kyotic was digital in 2009 without Booty’s contribution.


  • REY D'iance
    September 14, 2013 @7:51 am Edit

    Amazed at the waste of energy smearing Malina. You guys are taken seriously by no one. Malina has earned the respect of music giants and legends around the world. Duh!!! But don’t worry. She will star with Orianthi in a remake of Crossroads. Let’s talk about how nice that will be.


  • Jocelyn D.
    January 3, 2014 @1:34 pm Edit

    Don’t know who Malina Moye is, my boyfriend’s sister saw her perform at Canton Blues Festival last year and he told me about her. From her You Tube videos Malina appears to be an older woman and an amateur guitarist, I studied guitar for 12 years, I can tell when someone is “seasoned” and when they are not. But, no disrespect, I think Malina is trying to find her way as an artist amongst younger talented artists like Rhianna and Beyonce. That has to be hard, especially since most younger artists have had careers for more a decade at this point. Malina has a lot to catch up to, but good luck to her. JD


    • Bill
      May 22, 2014 @3:20 am Edit

      Who are you people , JD from Canton ,Ohio WOW you are one serious Music critic , NOT . I think you need to go back and study a lot LOT LOT more , you clearly know NOTHING about Music or Guitar Playing , we are all Laughing right now at your cute little comment . She is finding her way , HaHa , Yep she found her way all right , right to the Billboard Charts , and is now scheduling another Huge 3 month TOUR , and on the National TV Talk Show Circuit . Oh did mention she is Known for one of the TOP 5 Female Guitarist in the WORLD . So JD thanks for the good Luck and all your Professional insight over there in Canton we appreciate it here in the WORLD OF PROFESSIONAL MUSIC .


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