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How to Get the Most Out of a Beer Festival

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Beer festivals are fun. If you are a fan of beer, a beer festival can be an amazing event. Trust us. You are going to have a great time. Yet, if you are not careful, that good time can turn into a bad time. You can quickly find yourself hugging the toilet in your bathroom, or worse, staring down the hole of some Port-a-Potty at the fairgrounds somewhere. You don’t want this. When you leave the festival, you want to leave feeling good and having enjoyed some great brews.

A beer Festival is a place where you can try different beers from different breweries from local areas or from around the nation. There is a lot of beer at most beer festivals. You will not get to sample all of the beer and we suggest that you don’t even try. We have been to beer festivals all over the United States, both large and small. If you want to get the most out of a beer festival, you need to go in with a strategy.

Most beer festivals will provide you with a commemorative glass or cup capable of holding around 4 ounces of beer. Festivals will have a list of breweries that are there and they will have a list of beers that will be available for tasting. The Great American Beer Festival even has an app that provide the names, location, and all of the beers from the participating breweries. The festival brochure, booklet, or app will be your greatest tool for navigating the festival. We suggest that you take some time to look over the beer guide in the festival brochure, booklet, or app and make note of the beers that you want to try. Don’t go overboard. It is best to gauge yourself based on how much beer you drink on an average occasion. For example, you can choose 10 beers that you know that you want to try. Then choose two that you may want to try if you make it through the initial 10. Each pour at a beerfest is usually 2 ounces. The average bottle of beer is 12 ounces. So, 10 to 12 tastings is the same as having two beers. But, you should still be careful. The brews at beer festivals can have an Alcohol By Volume (ABV) range from 3% to 13% and sometimes more. So, you can expect to be tasting beers with fluctuating ABV levels (the average beer ABV is around 5.5%). Unless you are a beer snob, don’t get caught up in the style of beer. But, do make notes of what you liked and who you liked so that you can look for them in the future.

Now, for the most important part. Please drink responsibly. Most beer festivals will have several taxis, Uber, or Lyft drivers within the vicinity. If you feel that you cannot make it home safely behind the wheel, take advantage of these services.

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  • Annika Larson
    June 2, 2017 @4:04 pm Edit

    This summer my husband and I are hoping to attend a beer festival. We want to make sure that we do everything possible to make this an enjoyable and memorable experience. As you suggested, we’ll be sure to look over the beer guide in the festival brochure to find the beers we want to try.


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