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Jacque Hammond: Being Able To Be Free

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It is always a blessing to be able to hear Jacque Hammond. She is a unique talent that really puts her full emotions in her songs. Here new album, Elbow Room, is a fantastic record that highlights Hammond’s best ability, her songwriting skills.

Hammond’s inspiration for the album was mostly rooted in the overwhelming sense of being able to be free and able to float while adjusting to her transition to Los Angeles.

“I was freshly brokenhearted and didn’t want to write for a long time because I wasn’t ready to be that vulnerable in my work yet,” states Hammond. “I took some time to take in the city and get inspired. I realized that my favorite songs were always the ones where I thought, “He/she was bold for saying that!”.

It didn’t take long for Hammond to begin writing again, and shortly after meeting her friend and producer of the album, Jeremy Lawrence, she started recording what would eventually become the album. Now, a a little over a year later, it’s done and she is really excited to share it.

Hammond will film a music video to be released this month, as well as planning a tour for this spring/summer.

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