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Jay Harmony: Motivating Others to Live Their Dreams

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The Dream. This is something that every artists is constantly chasing. Chasing the epitome of being an artist. It is the same for Canada native, Jay Harmony. But, her music isn’t just about her. It is also about all of us. Her new EP, Ever Present, wants us to chase our dreams, also.

“This EP is a story of my life experiences,” says Jay Harmony. “Love and separation, self discovery and growth and the acceptance of life’s challenges as life lessons, were all factors that inspired me to write this album. I hope it will inspire and motivate others to live their dreams and to recognize that life is somewhat of a fun game. There will be moments of fear, heartbreak wrapped around immense pleasure. We lose and we win. There is always a balance wort appreciating.”

Singing and writing poems and songs what seems like her whole life, Jay Harmony began singing with the church choir and performing at various shows by invitation. She later took up teaching college courses on a full-time basis but always sang, wrote songs and performed.

“About 5 years ago, I got a real itch for doing something with this gift and to seriously take up singing as a career,” states Jay Harmony. “I wanted to become a well-rounded artist so I reduced my teaching hours and taught myself to play guitar and piano. I focused on how to compose my songs and be more attune to and in-tune with the production side of my music. I have always been very involved in the arrangement and production of my songs but more extensively on this last album.”

Like most artist, Jay Harmony is making sure that she stays busy and is working hard to make sure the masses hears her music. She has started working on a strictly R&B album and music videos for a few singles. She is also embarking on an international tour to promote herself and her music.

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  • Bella
    October 17, 2016 @2:18 pm Edit

    When Jay opens up her vocals, she leaves us breathless and craving for more


  • Pay
    October 17, 2016 @9:00 pm Edit

    Sweet article, and Harmony is so beautiful. She made my day 🙂


    • Thomas Hanes
      October 18, 2016 @6:11 pm Edit

      A fine article about a truly talentent, professional and beautiful singer ….


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