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Jeanette Berry and the Soul Nerds Pledges Allegiance To Love

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Soul:n: the immaterial part of a person, the human embodiment of something. The Soul Nerds are a group of individuals brought together for a common goal; to share their souls with the listener through the music they play.

Formed in 2008, Jeanette Berry and the Soul Nerds is an original Soul/R&B/Jazz band from Philadelphia. All art school graduates, they bring their collective influences to create music together. Their new release is one of the best albums that we have heard this year. Actually recorded in the late summer of 2013, Allegiance to Love is the ten track debut from Jeanette Berry and the Soul Nerds. It is an amazing first effort.

The album consists of songs that Jeanette wrote over the course of 3 years and the band had lots of time to play. As Jeanette studied more storytelling, she realized that though the over aching theme was love, the album could tell a story.

The title, Allegiance to Love came about after Jeanette starting writing a poem to a friend who had recently gotten married and, for the first time moved out of her family home. Jeanette knew that to love you must be brave. She also knew that to love is the most powerful act. So she decided to entitle the project Allegiance to Love.

For the cover art, she decided to ask a group of her students from Tiffin University to take a photo with something they love and hold it between their hand and their heart to pledge allegiance to the idea of it, the love that it signified.

This group is a combination of Lauryn Hill, Floetry, and Erykah Badu. This is well worth the purchase.

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