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J/O/E: Making Hip Hop and Craft Beer A Smooth Combination

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Its not often that you hear an able that mentions craft beer, much less to be a focus on it. Its really not often that you hear a Hip Hop album that that has a focus on craft beer and the album to be tight, also. But, that is what you get with the Craft Brew EP by J/O/E.

“Craft Brew is a collaboration EP with me on the vocals and production from my long time brother, A.C.O. with features from the homies Silas Botin (Fort Worth) & Nuffin (New London, CT),” says J/O/E. “Pretty much everyday life and beer built this project honestly or I like to call,’Beer Rap’. It focuses on the ups & downs with soulful samples, and slick word play. It felt like something amazing that we wanted to share with everyone.”

Rapping for over a decade and representing Fort Worth, Texas, rapping was something that J/O/E couldn’t let it go. He wants to be known as a great contributor to the Hip Hop culture while opening minds, lifting spirits & having a great time overall. Plus, he loves craft beer.

“Craft Beer is definitely something I become fascinated with because there are so many different styles and taste,” states J/O/E. “I really like ipa’s. The danker the hop the better taste to me. I love my beers strong and bold. My favorite breweries out here(in no particular order): Martin House Brewing Company, Rahr & Sons, & Panther Island Brewery. All definitely worth visiting if you ever drop in fort Worth (funkytown).”

J/O/E just finished and released his mix tape, Project Blu(e), which is a smooth, jazz sample with a poetic feel. But, at the same time, there is sum raw brew rap verses on there and its a definite experience.

Check out the Craft Beer EP by J/O/E. As usual, please support independent music.

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