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Lamont Gives Listeners A Different View At How Life Should Be

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With an alternative-hardcore style and a brash delivery, Lamont encourages and motivates listeners with carefully crafted lyrics. It’s rare to find rap music that’s inspiring and hard hitting but Lamont walks that fine line.

Lamont’s new album, Respect My Grind, which has a hardcore sound with a touch of soul, can be described as honest, vivid and unapologetic. Inspired by a desire to make his artistry known, the album was created to give rap fans an alternative to the drug-dominated, “take your girl” content in mainstream radio while at the same time establishing Lamont as a rapper that shouldn’t be easily overlooked.

He tells stories of loss and struggle that remain true to the essence of hip-hop culture while catering to those who desire more than stereotypes from rap music. With a mixture of sampled and boom-bap beats, he uses real life illustrations to make a bold statement to respect his artistry and his method of expression.

A Miami Florida native, he grew up in a host of different neighborhoods from North Miami Beach and Overtown to Perrine and Homestead. Lamont shared the same struggles as many other inner city youth but he represents the city with a different perspective. After watching his parents battle drug addiction while growing up Lamont vowed to never sell drugs under any circumstance. He didn’t like what it did to his family and he hated moving so often. By the time he reached high school Lamont went to live with his grandmother in the South Miami area, more specifically Perrine.

This is where Lamont truly began developing himself as a person. While living with his grandmother Lamont started attending church regularly and it was there where he first picked up a mic at the age of 19. Since then, Lamont has continued to break the mold of what a rapper should be.

Lamont is a member of the armed forces where he currently holds the rank of Staff Sergeant. He has an Associate in Arts degree, an Associate in Science degree for Transportation and is on course to complete his four-year degree in Law and Business by summer 2016 at Florida International University. Although he started rapping in church Lamont can’t be placed in a box. His subject matter is daring, creative, and dynamic.

Lamont’s artistry is more than just music; it’s a frame of mind that entertains while speaking life. He is the voice for anyone grinding with a purpose despite where they began. While he has been compared to artist such as T.I, Lecrae, and J. Cole there is no mistaking Lamont has a distinct sound and is carving his own lane.

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