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Napa County decides to take Upvalley winery to court

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Napa County plans to take the Bremer Family Winery to court as the two parties seek to resolve what types of operations are allowed at the winery in the mountains east of St. Helena.

The county Board of Supervisors unanimously authorized the move in closed session on Tuesday. The winery is located at 975 Deer Park Road.

Bremer Family Winery is working to file two applications with the county. One is to resolve issues involved with operations at the winery itself. The other is to resolve issues concerning an ongoing effort to truck in thousands of cubic yards of dirt for vineyard creation.

Scott Greenwood-Meinert, attorney for the Bremers, said on Wednesday that the county’s intended lawsuit involves the winery operations. He acknowledged that Bremer Family Winery is late submitting some documents, but said it is making an effort.

“We’re very disappointed about this,” Greenwood-Meinert said. “We have been working hard and in good faith to get all of the submittals in … We anticipate having all of them submitted in the next three weeks. And the county knows this.”

Details of what violations the county says must be corrected at the winery were not available on Wednesday. The county had yet to file the lawsuit, with officials saying this should happen by the end of the week.

The winery’s use permit is from 1979. One issue the modification application seeks to sort out is how many visitors are allowed, given the county sets visitation caps on most wineries.

Maximum visitation at Bremer Family Winery is 90 people a day, the application said. Bremer is seeking a maximum of 300.

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