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Organik Soul Records: Representing the Perspective of Everyday People

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Organik Soul Records is not your average record label. To them, music is important. The end product is important. Even though they are not even a year old, they bring years experience, a hard work ethic, and most importantly, they bring the love for hip-hop. We had the opportunity to chop it up with Swirv of Organik Soul Records and as expected, he and his labelmates are determined to give you their best.

Bronsky B: How long has Organik Soul Records been around?

Swirv: We formed in March 2013 but most of us have been individually recording music for over 10 years. Currently our artist lineup includes AR|Malone, Lyphe, Rey Sol, DrumRoc and myself, Swirv. We have another artist in the works, he’s a producer/rapper, we’re still working out the details and will announce that soon.

Bronsky B: How would you describe Organik Soul Records?

Swirv: Organik Soul can be thought of as “your true self”, our music comes from the heart and soul presented through intelligent lyrics and stimulating melodic beats. We represent the perspective of everyday people through Hip Hop music that reflects the journey of life’s ups, downs and in-betweens.

Bronsky B: Are you the key producer for the label?

Swirv: Yes, I produced the majority of the Organik Equinox EP as well as mixed/mastered it. I’m also mixing/mastering and executive producing AR|Malone’s new EP. AR|Malone and DrumRoc are producers as well.

Bronsky B: How were Nonsense AR/Malone and Lyphe discovered by Organik Soul?

Swirv: I’ve been friends with both artists for over 10 years now and recorded with them prior to the label. DrumRoc and I had the idea to start Organik Soul Records, shortly after that I asked AR|Malone and Lyphe to be a part of the label.

Bronsky B: The Organik Equinox EP is a nice compilation. How were the songs for the EP chosen to be a part of the compilation?

Swirv: Thank you, I had a rough idea early on about doing the EP and the type of songs I wanted to be on it. I gave each artist the same collection of beats to choose from and wanted to see what they came up with. Each song has a message in it that I really felt passionate about and felt it represented the collective idea of Organik Soul Records. The last song we recorded was Pain, it’s sort of an interlude because its short. That song is special for me because it was the first song my son (Rey Sol) and I recorded together.

Bronsky B: If I’m not mistaken, the next release for Organik Soul is AR/Malone’s The Influence. What should we expect from that album?

Swirv: Yes “The Influence” is available now as a pre-order and the album drops October 22nd. The Influence is AR|Malone’s first solo project on Organik Soul, it’s about his experience in life and the things that molded him. He shares some of his journey and the challenges he’s faced pursuing a career in music. “The Influence” is told from a genuine point of view that I think a lot of people will be able to relate to. AR|Malone produced most of this EP so you’ll get a glimpse of his production style and sound as well.

Bronsky B: What are your thoughts on the state of Hip Hop today?

Swirv: Hip Hop is alive and well and has expanded far greater than many people ever expected it to. There’s so many sub-genre’s and new outlets for expression through Hip Hop music and culture. Although I’m not a huge fan of current commercial/radio Hip Hop and the trend it’s been on for a while now, I think the culture continues to grow as its being passed down to younger generations.

Bronsky B: What should we expect from Organized Soul Records in the future?

Swirv: We have a lot of projects in the works. AR|Malone has a video for his song “Keep On” coming very soon and some collaborative songs he’s planning. Lyphe is working on his album and I’m working on an instrumental album due out late November/early December called the “Renaissance”. We are working on the concept for another collaborative Organik Soul EP and organizing some performances in the near future as well.

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