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Rapper 3Fifs Is Set To Runaway With New Album

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3Fifs (Three Fifs) is a St. Louis, MO born hip-hop artist who, as opposed to simply making music, aims to make history. Fifs is a veteran in the game. Since releasing his first full-length project “Birth of a Nation” in February of 2013, Fifs has gone on to earn several accolades. His debut single “Castro,” which featured west coast emcee Mistah F.A.B., went on to receive rotation on more than 40 radio stations worldwide. His follow-up single “Danny Bonaduce” was featured in over 100 blogs and the video was aired on MTV’s RapFix. His single “Jim Crow” was was acknowledged by industry vet Tory “Flossy” Harrelson as being “extremely original.”

Following his international acclaim, 3Fifs relocated to Atlanta, GA to expand his reach. After hearing his music and viewing his music videos, Mike Love (formerly the Senior VP Program Director for Cumulus Media, now CEO of Bluetag Media) decided he had to work with the rising star.

Over the course of the past year, 3Fifs has withdrawn from the public eye while working on his new release “The Runaway LP.” This is a very personal testament about his journey since he decided to pursue his music career.

“In April 2014, I left my hometown where I had achieved status as one of St. Louis’s top new hip-hop artists and had a six-figure day job,” says 3Fifs. “It was a complete step of faith, as I had nothing lined up elsewhere, and was simply counting on my talent and ambition to make something happen in Atlanta, GA.”

The Runaway album is more than just a collection of songs. Its the pinnacle of what the struggle in life should be. It paints a picture of striking out on your own with nothing holding you back but you.

“The Runaway LP is the story of the American dream and follows my journey since the release of my internationally acclaimed debut album, Birth of a Nation,” States 3Fifs. “I moved, got engaged, quit my job, re-released old music with new marketing, and set full focus on making history in the music world. The music is inspired by negro spirituals, gospel, jazz, blues, and bench-marked against 2Pacalypse NOW.”

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