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Real Talk: 14 KT, Hus Kingpin, Marquee Mayfield

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It is the goal of Vibes and Vino to introduce you to the best independent HipHop and Neo-Soul music on the market. We support indie music and we hope that you do to. In this episode of Real Talk, we have the latest info on 1/7 of Michigan’s mighty hip-hop group Athletic Mic League, 14KT. We also have info on Hus Kingpin and the smooth sounding Marquee Mayfield.


14KT Releases New Album

Michigan producer 14KT releases his newest album today, Nickel & Dimed. Off-kilter drum programming, spacey synths, an incomparable ear for sample flips, and KT’s signature boom-bap are the foundation of this unique concept album. The golden one starts the album off with a rhyme of his own, laying out his frustration with people who simply jack, pilfer, and plunder his beats for their own. KT doesn’t linger though, as he quickly gets right back in the saddle and delivers 14 inspired instrumentals. But, before anyone can jump on the tracks, KT called up some of his favorite artists to lay verses over those same instrumentals. These are some heavyweight tracks, including Blu in razor sharp Below The Heavens form, Black Milk, Jamall Bufford (Buff1), the amazing progressive soul singer AB, as well as singer JMSN, not to mention the legendary Kokane on a west coast anthem alongside MED. Get a taste with the new 14KT single PAID (featuring Blu) right HERE.



A few months back, Hus Kingpin brought to our ears a tape so smooth we had to put it out officially – cd, vinyl, the works. His subdued piano loops, steady drums, and smokey atmosphere combine with contemplative ill street rap. Add to it Roc Marciano featured throughout the entire tape and this is worthy addition to your catalog. Strive is the second single from The Cognac Tape. This version, produced by Foka, features Hus Kingpin, brethren Smoovth (of Tha Connection) and Roc Marciano. Check out the hit single Strive right HERE.



Jamiroquai inspired Soulman Marquee Mayfield is springing onto the scene with his debut single titled Breakdown which has a soulful disco feel to it. It’s one of those feel good, can’t sit still kind of songs. If this is what we can expect from Marquee then we definitely can’t wait for the EP. Check it out HERE. (written by The Soul Listener)

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