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Sanura: Back With A New Saga

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With the release of her new album, Saga, the very talent artist, Sanura, shows us what she can do when she is in total control of a musical project. The album is good, to say the least.

“This project has been 3 years in the making, as it is my first offering that I produced, wrote, and recorded on my own,” says Sanura. “I’ve been producing since I was 15 years old but I mostly kept it to myself (and family), so it was a great experience to get back into the groove and finally share this side of my creativity with you all.”

With this EP, Sanura had the freedom to explore and create aspects of her sound that had never been there before. That can be very challenging for an artist. Some don’t accomplish it. Yet, Sanura was able to overcome the challenges.

“It was no easy process though,” says Sanura. “Making the music was a breeze, but settling into the thought that I was more than just a Singer/Songwriter and stepping into the realization that I’m an all around artist with the power to create my own Master Vision for my music, image, and life has been the most beautiful epiphany that I’ve ever had.”

If Sanura had to do it all over again, we believe that she would do exactly what she did this time. This new saga is more than just a new start. It is like being reborn.

“There’s so much freedom in owning who you are and constructing the blueprint for what you want to be,” states Sanura. “I feel like a brand new Artist, and I can’t wait to see what this new chapter will bring.”

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