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Song of the Day: Indi Tyton – Something About You

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Today’s Song of the Day is Indi Tyton’s “Something About You.” It is a simple tune. However, it really, really works. We can’t seem to turn it off. From the very first minute of the song, you know that it is something special. It is also a very personal song to Ms. Tyton.

“The song is reminiscent of the time that I met my husband,” states Indi. “Our initial meeting was actually in a church instead of the park, but it just sounded better.”

Hey, the park, church, the grocery store. It doesn’t matter. We’re glad that you met because it produces happiness for Indi and happiness for us through her music.

Indi Tyton is staying busy and will be releasing some more music very soon.

“I am in the process of working on an EP that will be released this fall,” says Indi. “I am contemplating releasing one more single before the new EP comes out.”

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  • Indi Tyton
    July 20, 2016 @2:11 pm Edit

    Thank you for featuring me on your wonderful website!!! ~Indi Tyton


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