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Taveeta: Constantly Learning and Growing

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Its not often that you get to hear music with such purpose as you do when you listen to artists like Taveeta. Yet, purpose is what you get from the initial moments of the 21-year old Toronto Native.

Taveeta who just released her new music video for the single “Paradise” off her forthcoming album Resurrection. The concept of your music video has that nostalgic feel and seems more than just a music video.

“Paradise to me is a person. Connection between human beings, and experiencing things together,” states Taveeta. “Enjoying the little things in life, and making memories. I wanted to represent that with a very warm simple day. The video represents the simple memories made between individuals in their own ‘Paradise’,  and so I felt a home video was the most intimate way to showcase that connection, that Paradise.”

The new album is a body of work that represents a transitional journey from being in a good place, to falling down, and picking yourself back – while also giving each individual song it’s own musical vibe.

“A few of the songs are inspired by real experiences,” says Taveeta. “I’m young, I feel things and I am constantly learning, growing, and discovering my way. I think my past relationships, friendships, and experiences definitely shaped the tone of the songs, but more importantly act as relatable songs for my listeners to connect to.”

Being multi-talented is a plus and Taveeta is very talented in many ways. Taveeta has appeared in TV/Film since she was a teenager including shows like The Next Step – a teen drama television series on Canada’s Family Channel and Nickelodeon’s show Make It Pop co-created and executive produced by Nick Cannon. She has upcoming roles in the final season of the television series 12 Monkeys (2018) as well as the leading role in the upcoming Max McGuire television movie The Sweetheart and a supporting role in the MGM film Every Day directed by Michael Sucsy (HBO’s Grey Gardens). Her experience as an actor has also made it a little easier as a music artist.

“My experience as an actress plays a fun role in my musical career,” says Taveeta. “I get to constantly meet and work with you new people in the entertainment industry and create connections that inspire and motivate my energy, which generates back into my music. I am also super lucky to have a really supportive TV/Film fan base that are now beginning to connect with my music and support all my endeavors.”

Taveeta’s album is available for download/streaming on all digital platforms. Follow her on social media at @taveeta – instagram | @taveeta_ – twitter | and @taveetaofficial on snapchat.

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