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The Love Experiment: The Builders of Cinematic Soul Music

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Some music has the ability to stand by itself. This is the type of music that the musical group known as The Love Experiment creates. The Love Experiment is a collective of musicians, producers, and songwriters who have been making music for the past 6 years. Starting out with about 12 people in the group, they eventually downsized to their current six person line up. However, their collective of producers and musicians who actively contribute to the group has about 20 members. With that much music power, no wonder that their new album is a great one.

The Love Experiment released their self-titled album this month with some very mellow tracks. The album is a collection of songs written between 2011-2013 that all deal with falling in and out of love. Through there are only seven tracks, there were about 20 more tracks that didn’t make the record for various reasons. However, the band is still hoping that they’ll be released one day.

The lead vocalist of The Love Experiment is Kim Mayo. She’s been with the group from the beginning and she helps to write many of the lyrics on the record. She has an amazingly unique voice that’s somewhere between Bjork and Erykah Badu.

The Love Experiment album has a life of its own and each song creates its own mood. The band likes to call it cinematic soul music. They used an orchestra, solo piano interludes, and a variety of sound design and production techniques to make the record sound like the score to a movie. Ideally, they want their music to sound like a soundtrack to a movie the listener invents in their head.

The band loves wine and they love craft beer. During the creation of this record, they had a lot of Sam Adams Rebel IPA, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and Chianti.

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