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The Pico Pro Automatic Homebrewing Appliance Is Absolutely Awesome

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For all of you who want to get into homebrew, but want to skip the many manual steps of home brewing yourself, then the Pico Pro by Pico brew is for you. I like to describe this gadget as a Kuerig for beer.

The Pico Pro is a countertop machine that literally brews beer by using packages called Pico Packs. These Pico Paks have the ingredients for the beer already installed in them. The Pico Packs are created using recipes from world renowned breweries like Rogue, Bayou Teche, Tall Grass, 21st Amendment, Elysian, Flying Bike, and many, many more. Pico Pack can make a little over a gallon of beer.

This is how it works. You have to fill the provided keg with water. This is where the water for the beer will come from. You also have to put water in the reservoir compartments of the Pico Pro. You connect the Pico Pro and the keg. Place the Pico Pack into the Pico Pro, turn on the machine, push a few buttons, and that the Pico Pro does the work. It usually takes a couple of hours for the process to finish. But, a couple of hours later, you have a gallon of good beer.

Now don’t get it twisted. You won’t be able to drink it right away. You still have to ferment beer. The Pico Pro does not have the capability. However, you have different levels of fermentation using the provided brew keg. There is a fast fermentation that can have your beer ready to drink in 7 to 10 days. There’s a slow fermentation that will have it ready in 30 days. I’ve done it both ways. I like the slow fermentation however the best. The beer just seem to be better. Plus I’m nostalgic enough to think that that is still takes time to make good beer. I love my Pico Pro.

Now here’s the rough part. The price is $799. Yeah, I know that you are thinking that this is a steep price. But did I mention that is also capable of being a sous vide machine. Yep. You can sous vide on this baby. I’ve had juicy steaks and moist salmon because of the Pico Pro. Fellahs, you want to impress your woman? Then sous vide a sirloin steak with some asparagus and Italian seasoned corn and you are in for the night and maybe the next night. Plus, there is a major upgrade available since I bought mine over a year ago. Now, you get two brew kegs instead of one. You get a party tap and a transfer tube. The reason that this is important is now you don’t have to rely on serving your beer from a flimsy serving keg. You can now serve it from the brew keg after you have transfer of your fermented beer.

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