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Three Heads’ #beKind charitable campaign launches with #beKind Mandarina Pale Ale

Three Heads’ #beKind charitable campaign launches with #beKind Mandarina Pale Ale

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(Rochester, NY) – Three Heads Brewing is proud to launch their #beKind initiative this Friday, July 28 at noon at its tasting room at 186 Atlantic Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607. #beKind is the realization of a commitment at Three Heads Brewing to support local charities, by donating a portion of their sales to local charities. Three Heads is thrilled to announce that Verona Street Animal Society, 184 Verona Street in Rochester, N. Y., as the first recipient and partner of their #beKind campaign. Verona Street Animal Society is the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps support the City of Rochester’s Animal Services bureau.

To kick-off the campaign, Three Heads will introduce the #beKind Mandarillo Pale Ale, a lightly sweet and pleasantly hoppy ale brewed specifically for #beKind . Starting Friday, for every pint of the #beKind Mandarillo Pale Ale sold in their tasting room, Three Heads will donate $.50 to the Verona Street Animal Society. Three Heads will also donate a portion of sales from #beKind Mandarillo Pale Ale sold to area restaurants and bars as well as #beKind t-shirts and wrist bands purchased at Three Heads’ tasting room.

“The #beKind program is a great way for us to work with local charities and give back to the community we are so proud of,” states Daniel Nothnagle, President of Three Heads Brewing. “Working with all the great people at Verona and helping pets find good homes…it’s something we feel very strongly about.”

“Many of us have gotten dogs from shelters, including Verona”, says Dave Coniglio, Three Heads tasting room manager and the man spearheading the #bekind campaign. “We know how much joy a rescued pet can bring a family. Like any charity, they can really benefit from the donation.”

Director of Verona Street Animal Society Chris Fitzgerald is thrilled to work with the folks at Three Heads. “It is fantastic that a local business like Three Heads has chosen to partner with us. They are all great people, and we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity.”

The #beKind Mandarina Pale Ale is an American style Pale Ale, with 5.3% alcohol and 38 IBUs. Named for the Mandarina Bavaria hops used, the beer features a light caramel flavor, balanced by a creamy mouthfeel and joyously fruity aromatics. This overtly quaffable and proudly charitable ale will retail at the Three Heads Beer Garden for $5 per pint.

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