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Vibes and Vino Launches New Podcast Focusing Totally On Craft Beer

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Beer Is Fundamental. Think it. Say it. Speak it. That’s right. BEER IS FUNDAMENTAL. We’re glad that you agree. Now, that is out of the way. We have great news. Vibes and Vino along with our parent company, 40 Shop Presentations, has launched a new podcast that focuses totally on craft beer. The name? You guessed it. The name of the podcast is Beer Is Fundamental.

“Beer Is Fundamental has been a long time coming,” states Tuwand Bryant. “Vibes and Vino has always shown love to craft beer. It is becoming such a major part of Vibes and Vino, we felt that we needed to branch out further with it. Bryant is the executive producer of the podcast. She is also production manager of Vibes and Vino.

Beer Is Fundamental will provide the listening audience with beer reviews, brewery reviews, interviews with brewers and patrons, provide the latest in beer news, what’s going on in the world of home brewing, and will highlight new gadgets for all of you who love your craft beer and want to stay involved. They will also play some music during the podcast. As guest listen and interact with the host, they will be considered guest in the NeighBEERhood.

Beer Is Fundamental does not mean that Vibes and Vino is moving away from craft beer.

“On the contrary,” says Bryant. “We will still provide beer reviews and beer news and keep our readers abreast of what is happening in the world of craft beer.”

You can follow Beer Is Fundamental on iTunes and Google Play. They plan to be on Stitcher, iHeart Radio, and Soundcloud in the near future.

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