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We’re Back!! We Know You Missed Us.

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We are back! After a very long hiatus, longer than we expected, we are back! We know that you’ve missed us because of all of the emails that we have received asking where we were. Well, we won’t be as open as we possibly can with you because you deserve that much. After much contemplation, we begin to feel that Vibes and Vino was no longer going in the right direction. We hired a consulting firm to do some research on the direction that we were going and if it was worth continuing in that direction. Plus, there were a couple of other things we wanted to get off of the ground.

As you may remember, we not only discussed wine and featured many musical artist, we also featured a lot of craft beer. Well, our craft beer articles were just as popular as the wine articles and music articles. So, we felt that it would be only fair and necessary to create a separate page for craft beer. We were able to do that with our new page Beer Is Fundamental ( which is also a podcast. The consulting group felt that we needed to focus more on wine not so much on musical arts. Which brought us to a conundrum because it’s Vibes and Vino. Music is a soul part of who we are with Vibes and Vino. Because of that we contemplated shutting the site down altogether. However, another consulting firm and some other key people in the wine industry believe that we can still keep the music involvement. But, we would do it in a different way.

So, this is what you can look forward to with the new and improved Vibes and Vino. We’re going to continue to featured great wines from around the world. We want to continue to tell you what we’re drinking, what we think about it, and how to get it. We’re also going to feature artist through their music by creating soulful mix tapes that you can download and listen to why you’re drinking the wine and eating or just chilling. We’re going to continue with the video highlights because you seem to love that so much.

We thank you all for your patience as we made this incredible change and we look forward to bringing you the best in wine reviews, wine news, and good news. CHEERS!

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