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Wine of the Day: Giuseppe Lonardi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG

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If you are looking for a great wine to go with a great evening meal, you can’t go wrong with the Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG by Giuseppe Lonardi. It isn’t cheap. But, it is well worth the money. To taste the Amarone of Giuseppe Lonardi is to into the mind of a purist. A man who has a classic flavor in his brain that he cannot shake, and has complete fidelity to accomplish it. Although it is difficult to define a classic “Amarone, Lonardi’s offering is able to do so exquisitely. An Amarone is created by trying out the greats for more than 100 days. It is a painstaking wine create. It takes 28 to 40 plants to make one bottle of Amarone. Lonadri’s Amarone comes from Valpolicella which is the supposed home of Romeo and Juliet and winemakers come from all over the world to try Lonardi’s Amarone. It sat for 4 years in the barrel with an additional two years waiting to see freedom.

This is a wine that you pull out when you are trying to impress that lovely young lady that you been trying to get with for years. Everything about this wine is impressive. It has a plethora of the case of dark, smoky, and ripe dried fruit. It is a full wine that will go very well with a wonderful salmon dish. However if you want this wine, you need to hurry up and purchase a bottle because there was only 1,000 bottles made worldwide. Yet, if you are patient person, this wine can age up to 40 years.

Vibes and Vino Rating – 96

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