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Wine of the Day: Kelleher Block 21 Sauvignon Blanc

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Depending on where you live, a picnic is still possible to enjoy even at the end of November. That’s the Florida life. What can I say. One of the best wines for a picnic is the Kelleher Block 21 Sauvignon Blanc. The usual parent with a Sauvignon Blanc is a light fish or a spicy shellfish meal. That’s why on this picnic, we are having seafood salad sandwiches with sour cream potato chips. The beauty of Sauvignon Blanc is that it is built to ride with tents flavors like sour cream and coaching.

The Kelleher Block 21 Sauvignon Blanc has the aromas of many tropical fruits. There is a distinct taste of tea we, passionfruit, white peach with a touch of lemon and lime.

Vibes and Vino Rating – 89


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