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Yolonda Lavender: New Album Is Sonically Present

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There are many different ways to describe the feeling that one gets when listening to Yolonda Lavender. Her new album, Back 4 the 1st Time, leaves listeners with an array of feelings. Her voice is smooth as butter. She has the ability to make you feel happy, like the title of one her tracks. She has the ability to make you feel confident like in her track, Sink or Swim. Creating specific feelings through music is possible when the songs are written from experience.

“All of my songs are inspired from real experiences,” states Lavender. “Either experiences I’ve had or that I’ve seen or others around me have experienced. They are influenced by what I see happening around me like love, heartbreak, community, activism and culture.”

With 10 solid songs, Back 4 the 1st Time is a quality album. The album not only represents the sound that is a staple for RnB but also Neo-Soul. It carries that distinct sound and feel that pulls you in.

“This album is live,” says Yolonda. It is sonically present. My goal with this project was for the listener to feel as though they are there with me. At the performance, in the studio, on the couch, there and present with me.”

Yolonda Lavender is grateful for the gift of music and the blessing of artistry and the opportunity to create and share art. Through this album, she is committed to fulfilling the responsibility that Nina Simone once spoke of when she stated, “You can’t help it. An artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times.”

“I’m constantly writing and waking up in the middle of the night with new ideas so the next project is already starting to develop,” says the Michigan Native.

That’s beautiful news.

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